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  • REQUIRED Update for all Correio AVS Clients

    If you are a Correio AVS client, please be aware that Correio AVS version 2.1.9 will expire and stop working at the end of June, 2014. You must update your Correio AVS software to version 2.1.10 before the end of June.

    An email was sent to all Correio clients with details on this update. If you are a Correio client and you did not receive this email, please contact support.

  • CUTEK Now Offers Better Support for Symitar EASE™ Clients

    If you are both a Cutek client and a Symitar EASE™ client, we have some great news for you. Thanks to Cutek's new professional services partnership agreement with Symitar, Cutek can now request and gain access to your test SYM directories through your official VPN connection. Previously, Cutek had to rely on various remote access solutions (or email) to get code onto your systems, so having official access is a big advantage.

  • Foreign Wire Transfers and Dodd-Frank

    If your credit union sends 100 or more foreign wire transfers per year, your credit union will be subject to several new disclosure requirements on February 7, 2013. You can read all about these new requirements at

    Cutek provides an automated wire transfer solution, (which you can read all about on our homepage), but the actual sending of the wires is handled by the Fed or whomever you use to send foreign wires. If you haven't already, you must contact the Fed (or your foreign wire processor) to find out how they can help you implement these new regulations.

    At this time, Cutek is not aware of any interfaces or APIs that will allow a third-party to the wire process (such as Symitar, Jack Henry, or Cutek) to obtain the fee, tax and exchange rate information necessary to automatically generate the required disclosures. If the Fed (or your foreign wire processor) does offer an API, Cutek would be more than happy to review that API to determine the feasibility and cost for developing an interface to allow you to produce these disclosures as part of our automated wire transfer solution.

    If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Cutek's Automated Wire Transfer Solution, please contact us.

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