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  • Correio Gets ‘Service Bureau’ Version

    Correio AVS has always been one of our best products. So now we have added a new wrinkle by developing a “service bureau” version as an option to our in-house version. We realize not everybody wants to maintain their own technology whether it’s a lack of resources, time, funds, etc. This means we do all the "heavy lifting" for you. This new Correio service version has been developed in conjunction with Credit Union of Southern California, which has already implemented it. So it’s ready to roll for you! To see how our new Correio AVS Service solution can lighten your load contact us today.

  • Wire Enhancement Provides New Capabilities

    Our new Wire Enhancement product is essentially a complete rewrite of our previous product, “Automated Wire Transfer Solution”. We noticed there were many upgrades we could incorporate into the old wire transfer solution, so we decided to totally revamp the RepGens (PowerOn™) and create a new product. Read more.

  • CUTEK Fee Management Console Now Tracks Fees Covered by Reg Z

    CUTEK Fee Management Console Now Tracks Fees Covered by Reg Z MURRIETA, Calif. — December 13, 2011 — Financial technology services provider and consultant, CUTEK Inc., has added Regulation Z requirements to its Fee Management Console product. Fee Management Console already handles reversals of loan fees, including required adjustments to properly track fees covered by Regulation Z. Read more.

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